Equipment Manufacturing

From heavy machinery to farm implement, McPherson is perfectly positioned for equipment manufacturing. Located in the heart of the nation’s breadbasket and home to a high concentration of livestock production, the experience and ties to agriculture can’t be matched. McPherson is also uniquely situated near some of the world’s hubs for aviation and wind production and can easily serve those industries.

The Brain Trust

With more than 17 manufacturers, McPherson knows equipment production. Our area technical colleges specialize in machining and assembly, making our workforce some of the most qualified in the world for your production needs. Agriculture is the blood of every Kansas. We personally know the people who will use ag equipment on their farms and ranches, and Kansas is a hub of ag manufacturing. With two major agricultural engineering universities within 100 miles (Kansas State University and Oklahoma State University), we’re situated to access and attract top talent.

The Brain Trust
Equipment manufacturing
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Our unique utility situation gives you industrial electric rates 59 percent lower than California and 26 percent lower than the national average… an advantage that can save you millions. We have our own power plants, impeccable infrastructure, and responsive local staff to ensure you don’t lose service.

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Prime Location

McPherson is located smack dab in the middle of the United States, giving it the perfect location to reach either coast and anywhere in between. Whether you’re looking to build or find an existing facility, we have your new location ready to go. We have shovel-ready sites of all sizes with all the utilities you need to start production. As a hub for manufacturing, McPherson has access to several large distribution routes, saving your business time and money.

Prime Location